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Heather Munro Pierce

is a modern-day temple dancer, embodiment guide and inspirational leader in the conscious dance movement. Her current focus is inviting and inducting women to fuller embodiment, as a way to embrace the feminine and become more empowered. Heather is the founder of the Women’s TransDance Temple, a vibrant community of conscious dancers. She has led her original form of dance-movement meditation, TransDance®, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to producing her own workshops, circles and retreats, Heather loves co-creating events and leading dances for groups and organizations, including Esalen, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, the Omega Institute and the Science and Non-duality Conference. She is involved with One Billion Rising, training dance instructors, leading flash mobs and facilitating dances in men’s and women’s jails, as a form of social action.

Through her life-long exploration of movement modalities, wisdom traditions and depth psychology, Heather has developed a body of work and a style of facilitation that nurtures and ignites the unfolding of the individual soul and unity with the divine. She honors both the masculine and feminine within and without. Heather’s passion for teaching and leading springs from her own experience with dance as a path to healing, health and wholeness.

Heather centers her work in Northern California in the company of many brilliant and beautiful dancers, and lives in Berkeley with her precious son, Ronan and her beloved husband, Tim.



“I am so honored to work with Heather. Her skill and leadership is brilliant, clear and full of love and compassion. She walks her talk, and is clearly in service to all of our highest healing and wholeness.” Angela~


“Heather weaves her music into a soul-stirring deep dive, that helps me listen to my body and it’s wisdom. Her music supports my journey into deeper parts of myself and my emotions. These dances are a vital place for my self healing as I navigate a recent career transition and personal challenges. Aimee~


“The impeccable container Heather creates (still sharing her vulnerability) and her willingness to be with a full range of emotions and energies is a gift in my life. She and her work have profoundly supported my journey into full womanhood.” Maggie~