Women’s TransDance Circles

Are you ready to unfold into your feminine essence, authentic being and power? Are you willing to take the time for yourself and be nourished body and soul? YES! Come join other joyous, juicy, wondrous women to dance in the fullness of darkness, light, beauty and sisterhood!

These gatherings are an invitation to deepen your dance starting wherever you are to cultivate and refine skills that support your dance as a practice of movement medicine, conscious awakening and deep self-care.

There is additional integration through art, circle wisdom and witness. And of course, plenty of time to just dance whatever you need to dance.

There are circles every winter, spring, summer and fall. You may join a circle at the beginning of any season.

Location: North Oakland Temescal

Mondays 10:00am to approx 12:30pm
Wednesdays 6:45pm to approx 9:15pm
Thursdays 7:00pm to approx. 9:30pm

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“Wow…wow…wow. I was moved by how deeply I felt received when I shared. There was so much pleasure experienced in the movement and connection with the music.” Anya~ 


“As I danced, goddesses whispered in my ears… filling my skin with self-knowing… reminding me who I am from the outside in, and from the inside out.  Karen~


“I always walk away feeling full and so very much alive! In finding Women’s TransDance Circles, I discovered a spirit, mind, body practice that enlivens, awakens, and sustains me” Jessa~



Women’s TransDance® Rituals

The Solstices and Equinoxes are a potent time to honor the dance of light and dark within and without. Bring your whole self to release, renew and dance forward into the new season. 

Each dance begins with a movement meditation designed to unlock and unlayer unnecessary tension and invite you into a deeper experience of enlivened embodiment.

We then explore through intention, imagination and freeform ecstatic dance to catalyze, energize and ground your purpose and prayer.

Come dance what you need to dance!
Spaciously facilitated.

Bring an intention, prayer or
simply let the moment move you.

Objects for the altar are welcome.

Held Saturday nights near the Solstices and Equinoxes

(2016 dates, March 19, June 18, September 17, December 17)

Location: 4920 Telegraph Ave. Oakland
Doors open 6:45
No one admitted after 7:15
Approx end 9:oopm

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“I go into this inner cocoon of rhythm and I dance whatever needs to be expressed without caring about how I must look.  This is how I want to show up in the world – courageously expressing what needs to be expressed without worrying about what will people think”. Nicole~


“Such juiciness! I moved through many emotions while dancing, shedding I don’t even know what. But shedding none the less.  I received healing visuals that inspired me.” Astarte~


“I danced busy thinking of my body as the conduit between heavenly inspiration and earthly ground and roots. My job is to let it flow, keep it moving, love what is and dance my booty off.” Bracha~



Women’s TransDance Daylong Retreats

When you attend to the tender and wild-body-soul woman you are, the Goddess hears your call and offers her nourishing gifts.

This is an opportunity to spend a day dedicated to self-care in a nurturing environment, with like-minded, luscious women.

Let your body wisdom emerge through freeform movement meditation and ecstatic dance. Fully experience a taste of the temple… your body as a temple and the temple of the divine feminine mystery.

The time is spaciously structured to invite self-revelation and body restoration.

Come awaken, express and celebrate your wholeness and holiness. We’ll ground and integrate through art, rest, circle wisdom, witness and more.

Location: North Oakland Temescal

9:15am to 5:00pm

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 “I enjoyed being able to set an intention of self-care and be in a space where all I needed to do was “just be.” So much of my life lately is about accomplishing something or getting something done. It was comforting to just flow.” Suzanne~ 


“I’m grateful for the temple space and for the permission to let my body do what it wanted, I kept following the sensations.  It felt like a healing journey along inner ley lines.” Catherine~


“I moved mostly with eyes closed. I don’t always deeply believe my right to take up space and have my needs met wholly, but here I touched that place, my sensual self who dances for her pleasure and from her strength.” Mary~ 



Women’s TransDance Retreats

Something magical happens when you take time outside your regular routine and bring yourself to a special location with intention and care. Insights, transformation and deep relaxation can flow forth as your being becomes receptive to the richness of the moment. With support from a circle of women, spacious experienced facilitation and the outrageous beauty of the lake, mountains and sky, come home to yourself on a whole new level.

Attending a Women’s TransDance Retreat at Lake Tahoe is a statement to the Universe that you are ready and willing to unfold into your feminine essence, authentic being and power.

Perhaps you need some time to reflect on a particular issue… or wanting to mark a life passage with something special. Maybe you simply desire some time out of the city to rejuvenate your being, or possibly you just love to dance and want more!

Come listen deeply, share soulfully, honor profoundly,
and of course… come to DANCE.

Location: West Shore of Lake Tahoe

3-4 days usually offered spring and fall.

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“I came to the Tahoe retreat hoping to connect with some wonderful women and dance in nature. I received this and so much more! Being fully present for the circles and dances provided a container for me to open to insights and body wisdom around a life long issue. Thank you!” Jyoti~


“The Women’s TransDance Retreat at Lake Tahoe was beyond my wildest dreams … transformative in countless ways… confirming & affirming as well as challenging & stretching…”  Donna~


“Tahoe! Tahoe! Tahoe! Yes! Yes! Yes! Need I say more? Grace~



Embracing Embodiment:
Fully Birthing into Your Body, Being and Beauty

Your body-being is amazing and the most profound gift of this human lifetime. It’s specially designed for your full participation in the dance of Heaven and Earth! Come grow your foundation for greater self-acceptance, self-love, intuition, confidence, capacity, personal power, and peace.

This program is for those who feel called to take the next step in their growth and development through body-based awakening and a committed group. A willingness to use everything for one’s growth and learning is essential for participation. It is available by application to those who have attended at least one Dance Retreat, Circle or Daylong and/or have permission from the instructor.


  • Greater ease, care and compassion for your body-self
  • Re-wiring of your stress responses, so that you will experience fewer reactions and more choice in challenging situations
  • Profound in-the-moment presence, so that you live your life more fully and fulfilled
  • Feeling holy/wholly at home in your body, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing
  • Loving yourself through loving your body
  • Birthing into your power by fully inhabiting your body

Daylongs, North Oakland, CA
Retreats, West Shore Lake Tahoe, CA
Online group meetings

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“ I joined the Depth Circle because I knew it was something I needed to do just by intuition. I never realized how deep I could go in my own awareness and healing. I have felt into places in my body that I was scared to go before and I have been received with such love, both outside and inside. This is an amazing gift to myself and is helping me experience greater integration and integrity in my Ph.D. work.”  Leah~


I’ve done a lot of work on myself, but this program has been the focusing catalyst that has anchored me in my physical experience moment to moment, helping me to tap into the truth in every cell of my body… and from there enabling me to take right action in my life.”  Hilary~


“After several years of being in denial and distress with my changing body, this program has helped me adopt a much healthier diet, reconnect with my vitality and learn to listen to my body’s messages.”  Lauren~

Get Your Complimentary Dance Meditation and Gratitude Song List

with Heather Munro Pierce

Experience the joy and juice of dancing alive a vision,
intention or prayer. Ground your body, inspire your
spirit and ignite potency and possibility!